Questions about Navio for solar powered boat


  1. Does the RPi3 need to be powered on with the Navio2 all the time, can I power it off when I don’t need it?
  2. Is the timing Lea-6T GPS still available, why was it changed out?
  3. Can two Navio2’s do RTK as station and rover?
  4. What is the average current consumption of the Navio2 with the RPi3?
  5. Could I easily add another compass like
  6. Is using this as straightforward as updating the RPi, powering up, choosing RCS/RC/telemtetry and calibrating for skid steering assuming just 2 props? My design actually has a rudder and single prop.
  7. Is the Tallysman antenna waterproof?


Hi and welcome!

  1. Yes, Raspberry Pi has to be powered all the time, it runs the code, not the Navio2.
  2. We only offer Navio2 with NEO-M8N.
  3. Navio2 does not support RTK.
  4. Navio2 consumes around 100mA, consumption of Raspberry Pi is dependent on its load (500-800mA).
  5. You can add external compass, but supported chips are HMC5883L and HMC5983.
  6. Basic Linux and APM knowledge is required (package installation, configuration of parameters etc.).
  7. Antenna is rated IP67 (weather proof housing).

Mikhail, would you please clarify about #3), will the Navio2 support RTK in the future or it will never support RTK?

There will be no RTK on Navio2 because GNSS receiver on it does not support raw data properly.

Mikhail, and I suppose it’s the same deal with Navio+ as well, no RTK, right?

Yes, GNSS receiver on Navio+ is the same as on Navio2.

Thanks Emlid.
About the support compass, what if I want to provide course correction, either via a compass attached to the RPi (assuming I get it to work on it) or via information gleaned from sites like
Can I do this with the Navio?
I’m sorry if this is all terribly obvious, I’m new to all things RC.