Questions about navio 2 and competition suggestions

Hi Emlid,
I’m going to build a drone which is for a competition. I had lots of good and bad memories with my ap 2.6 and pixhawk board and also had some small smart home projects with rasberry. now it is time to go next level for me. The competition request to drop 4 object to 4 different targets above 5 meter height. This is my main reason to look for a better board. Here is my questions.

1- Is the Navio 2 tested and compatible with raspberry pi 3 and will it gives better performance then rp 2 with Navio 2?
2- Can I use some of rasberries GPIO’s while it is connected Navio 2? My purpose is using 4 servo or a kind of drop system for loads. if it is not possible does Navio 2 has servo or relay output?
3- Can I use another telemetry system like Xbee’s instead of 3DRs? Not for only mavling also for connecting raspberry by ssh or something like that. I tried celcular telemetry with apm and pixhawk but there were lacency which is not good for competition.So I want to go with radio telemetries( no lte/4G in my country. I only tried with 3G)
4- Is the navio supports AC3.3 EmergencyStop, InterLock and Brake fonctions ? Ap 2.x doesn’t support and it is neccesarry for competition.
5- I heard that Navio 2 doesn’t support Safety Switch like Pixhawk. I need a safety fuse system to disarm or stop motors which is easy to switch by hand and outside of frame. Do you have any suggestion about this?
6- I need to build a lightweight and fast setup. Do you have any suggestion for this? like any uncommon materials not like carbon fiber. And Any good motor brands like tiger motors?
7- Is it possible to use raspberry pi as fpv and osd system ? I used rp cam before it is better then most of fpv cam but I don’t know how to transmit that video to ground without lacency. And osd would be nice for aiming targets.

If you want to know more about the competition you can pm me. I’m avoiding to share my desing details from other participants :slight_smile:
Lets make Navio winner.
Thanks for your interest.

It will definitely have better performance. We are preparing new image that will support Raspberry Pi 3.

We have 2xGPIO available on one of the DF13 connectors. You can connect servo directly to the servo outputs of Navio2 and control them from the APM. Navio2 has 14 servo outputs.

You can Xbee, any serial radio will do. having both SSH and MAVlink over same radio might be complicated at the moment.

Navio2 support is in APM master, you can build latest ArduCopter straight from it. All flight modes supported.

We do not support safety switch, but if you want to have completely independant safety system, you can just shut down the autopilot power with a switch.

GSttreamer is great for low latency and you can fly with Raspicam. Here is how.

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Thank you so much for your quick response and answers. I’m planning to buy it. Now I have a few more questions.
1- Is there any date for Rp3 image ?
2- Is there any differency between Reach and onboard Navio 2 positioning system ? As I understand Reach mostly for follow me mode and land a point aplications. If I buy Reach and connect it to Navio 2 will I get a better autonomous flight? Follow me and point landing is not important currently for me I want to fly with waypoints. Will it use only Reach or both positioning system when they are connected?
if it uses both should I connect antenna for onboard positioning system too?
3- As I see Reach has its own imu. The system will have 3 imu after plug reach to Navio. Probably reachs imu will show a bit different results then onboard imus because of its position. How will it effect to flight ? As I read you are working on a positioning system with imu. I cant wait to test it.
4- About the GSttreamer it looks very nice but works on TCP/IP. I don’t have LTE/4G in my country and my flight will be longer then wifi distance. Is there any way to get this video from Rps AV output then send it to GCS with ordinary fpv receiver ?
5- Is it possible to use more then 8 chanell radio controll with Navio2 ?

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