Question on post processing survey in ReachView app

I am trying to wrap up a video this Saturday that will hopefully be very helpful to the brand new people using the Reach RS/+, particularly the folks who are trying to get into drone mapping. I use EZsurv and I can process a survey that is done in the ReachView app and I can do this in about 2-3 minutes. It is paid software and very well worth it for me. But I also want to include any info on free options in this video.

Can anyone tell me if there is free software that will process the survey points entered in the Reachview app? I have 2 Reach RS units (which I highly recommend) but some people only have one unit (which is ok when post processing with a CORS base <15km). So any info on free software and if possible and details on how the survey is processed and exported will be greatly appreciated.

I have never tried this but I think one very simple option (for here in the USA) would be to do separate log files for each Ground control point, and then upload the file to OPUS to process in Rapid Static (15 minute of log time). Now they can get corrected coordinates for each log file (a log file for each GCP).

RTK from 3rd part NTRIP can cost alot and may not be available if cell data goes out or is spoty. So I am approaching this strictly from a post processing perspective. GCP’s work flow for me is:

  1. Checking ahead to see how close nearest CORS base is to determine needed observation time.

  2. Arrive on site and immediately setup Reach BASE and ROVER in RTK (using onsite base) to start logging.

  3. Put out GCP’s / checkpoints
    4, Fly the mission

  4. Go survey the GCP’s and checkpoints in RTK mode with Reach Rover using Reachview app

  5. Stop logging after sufficient time has been achieved (or until I leave).

  6. At office, download Log files from Base and Rover along with Survey CSV file.

  7. Convert CSV and Log file for use in EZsurvy

  8. Import Rover and Base files and set Reach BASE as reference site.

  9. Post Process Base with one click

  10. Export CSV file with corrected coordinates for use in drone mapping software.

I have already done a short video on this process but I have listed it out in case it is helpful to see the steps. Any info on other options for collecting and processing Ground Control Points for drone mapping will be appreciated. EZsurv is all I know and without any help I can not make people aware of any free options.

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Hi Tim,

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RTKLib allows processing of GCPs as well. You can just cut the log using RTKConv in order to get the separate log for each GCP, and then process each log in RTKPost. I understand that this is not the easiest way, however, there are no another free PPK tools.

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