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  • How accurate is your system in real-time, if the Base is set up on a known point? Is post-processing required?
  • Will the GPS system interfere with the other Electronics on the Planes?
  • Will we have to supply the GPS with it’s own Power?
  • Most processing software (Photoscan, Pix4D, etc.) can use the GPS coordinates of the Photos to stitch and generate a 3D model. How can I use the coordinates of the GPS to geo-reference the Photos automatically or is there another way to do it?

close to the base, and relative to the base, subcentimeter to 1,5 cm, depending on sat-geometry and SNR. Usually so exact that you can’t afford to be sloppy with the setup of the base.
Post processing is not required for surveys, but you will quite a few advantages of doing it.
If using for geotagging images, Postprocessing is required, as there is no way to sync precise enough on-the-fly.

That I can’t and won’t answer, as lives could be on the line potentially.

You can, but the RS2 has it own battery. M2 requires continuous power.

Yep, but only after post-processing, as the precision otherwise isn’t good enough. Tutorials are available from Emlid.


Hi @lacazet2k,

I just want to supplement the Christian’s answer a bit:

It’s more likely that electronic devices in the aircraft will affect the GNSS signal. As signals from the satellites have low powered strength.

You can connect Reach M+ or Reach M2 to a camera hot shoe connector to record precise time marks of each photo to the raw log. After the flight, you need to post-process the data to get accurate positions for these time marks. Then, you can georeference the images using software such as GeoSetter.

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