Question about the REACH RS+

We are a tree planting project. We plant in burn areas and other types that need reafforestation. We run on a donor based system. We have a system setup to map out tree planting locations so end users can find a tree they are involved with. All projects are in the US. Accurate info is important to our project.

We have been using the Juniper CT8 tablets. Our accuracy is within 70-77cm. This is okay but we feel we can get closer with the reach rs+.

We would be feeding the data to the native gps feed and into our app. From what I am seeing we would need the base station also. We do have internet on our sites but it is limited. I am not sure we could pull data from the internet with ntrip. I am just not sure how large of a connection we would need to get accurate info to get to that 1-5cm range for marking trees.

Can anyone offer advice here? Do we need the base station?

How large is the site? Maybe more importantly, what is the furthest distance from where you could mount a permanent base station?

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Reach RS+ receiver can provide you with a centimeter-level accuracy in RTK mode. For that, you will need two units: a base and a rover. As long as you’re not sure you can receive the corrections from the remote base via the Internet, you would need to set up a local base station. So, another Reach RS+ is necessary.

I’d suggest checking out this Placement guide to see the requirements for placing the receiver.

You can configure RS+ to output its position via Serial, TCP, or Bluetooth. To learn more about the methods of position output, please refer to our guide.

For working in RTK, the base station is required. Could you please specify what is the maximum baseline that you plan to keep? What are the environmental conditions in your area? This information will help me to advice the solution that suits your needs.

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