Question about how WIFI discovery behaves when connection is lost


I’m interested in knowing better how Wifi discovery behaves. But better I’ll start by explaining how my setup will be.

I’ll have a tablet sharing Internet connection through WIF with the Reach RS, so that Reach can receive NTRIP corrections. And then Reach RS will feed NMEA sentences back to the tablet through Bluetooth. And I want that configuration to work always without having to access ReachView (as that configuration will be used by a client so I want to hide all that complexities)

My concernings with that setup are and Reach behavior are the following:

  1. Tablet hotspot wifi must be available before Reach RS is started. Otherwise Reach RS will start its own hotspot and will never try to connect to the tablet hotspot when avaiable. A restart of Reach RS would be needed so that it can find the tablet hotspot. Am I right? Could hotspot on Reach RS be disabled? (even if we have to do it through SSH)
  2. What happens if Reach RS connects on boot to a WIFI and then later this WIFI is lost? Does Reach starts its own hotspot after some time or does it keeps looking for a known WIFI? The latter would it be nice.



I too am interested in the answer to this question.


There is no way to not start the hotspot at boot. Maybe we can add that.

If Reach is in client mode and gets disconnected, it will keep looking for one of the familiar networks. However, at the moment this mode is a little unstable. Sometimes, Reach will get stuck in a disconnected mode. This will be fixed in the next release. Meanwhile, I suggest using it in hotspot mode.

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