[Question] about GPS Antenna or Module

Hi, I am Andrew.
I have a important question to ask you guys.
We need this product for the middle school science fair, and our topic is comparing the accuracy that drone reaches to the target between GPS and Dead reckoning module they are both from U-blox. I think that GPS antenna module on the NAVIO2 Board is supplied by Ublox. If I remove GPS Antenna or module option on the list, then am I able to use both of them separately (rotate) as a port on one board?

Hi @Andy_L
Can you tell me, what do you mean, when said “remove option on the list”?
Thanks in advance!

Wow this question had been buried in the ground for a long time… Actually even I think that was a weird question. Actually it means just I want to apply or change GPS topic to INS (topic). I am not sure about possibility. But, I am still considering.

Hi @Andy_L,
As I understand you correctly you’re trying to simulate INS module using IMU and barometer. So, I’d advise you to learn more about GPS_INPUT and GLOBAL_POSITION mavlink messages. You’ll need to create publisher that publishes to /mavros/global_position. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

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Thank you for companate reply.
Can I just ask you what is the GPS_INPUT and mavlink messages?
Also, I have troubleshooting with connect my Navio2 to Mission Planner.
I do not have any RC but RPI 3 - B / Navio2 and materials for drone… Do you have any idea?
I need to get this done this by today. Because I am working on it for my school project.

again thank you very much.

Ground Control Station communicates with the ArduPilot sending MavLink messages and commands. This is a good tutorial explaining what is MavLink and how to deal with it. Also, you’ll need a common message set specification which is available here. You’ll need to publish GLOBAL_POSITION to the/mavros/global_position topic. If you don’t know how to do it, you can read this thread dedicated to publishing to the topics.
As I said before, to calibrate ESC you can refer to this thread or use MAVProxy. Hope this will help.

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