question about flightaxis in ardupilot

I going to buy realflight just for ardupilot test, so I really focus on the reality of Simulator in ardupilot. I have to try to connect xplane 11 with mission planner which is a GCS in ardupilot, everything is good except some feature cannot be simulated, I connect my transmitter via a dongle to my PC,but only four channel can be used,so I can’t change the flight mode via my own transmitter,meanwhile I also can’t trigger the fence by switch in my transmitter, but even I’ve set up auto fence-able which will automatically trigger the fence after take off, it’s still not work. I not sure if I have set the function right or this function can’t work in the simulator .
Does anyone know whether realflight 8 has fixed the above issue? it’s it worth to buy for ardupilot test.

Hi @kingstone.barry.thee,

Could you please clarify whether you’re going to use Navio2 or Edge?

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