Question about 3g/4g usb dongle

I have a question about 3g/4g usb dongle for internet.
I hope my Reach module can connect the internet by 3g/4g usb dongle.
My 4g usb dongle is D-Link DWM-222.
According to the discussion(Can 3g/4g usb dongle be connected to Reach module for internet), my Reach module is already v2.11.0.
But when I insert the dongle to the USB port, nothing happened.
Can someone tell me what’s wrong??



How are you supplying power to Reach? With 3G modem you need at least 1A of power.

hi, i think there is the either something wrong with your dongle or there is some technical issue may in configuration setting in your device. it is better to visit on [Tenda Support Number]( ‎) to get the solution of any technical related issue in the router, WiFi, dongle. hope this will help you.

The power of Reach is from pixhawk.
Just like this:
Pixhawk needs another power supply.
The Reach module and 4g usb dongle are surely on, but nothing happen between them.

I support this


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