Query on Reach M+ Operation

Hi…I have the following questions regarding operation the of Emlid Reach M+.

I have read the integration manual of Rededge+Reach M+ and looked at the Emlid Reach M+ manuals
and still have the following query.

Considering a ROVER Reach M+,
Does the Reach M+ start collecting GPS data when its ‘Marker’ pin is driven by an external device
(such as RedEdge Top of Form signal) or
Do you have to enable the ‘raw UBX’ switch on the ‘logging’ menu of the Reach M+ and then activate
the marker signal.

Basically I need to test if my marker signal is driving the Reach M+ and I am getting unique gps values
for each marker.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.


To start data collection, you need to turn on raw data logging in the logging tab.

You can use Camera Control tab to test how your setup works.

Micasense has a nice guide about the integration of their camera and Reach:

Hi again and thank you for your reply.
I have already read that document
a) set up my top-of-form marker from RedEdge to 100msec pulse High to Low
and checked it on oscilloscope and connected it to port C1 of Reach M+.
b) I want to check if this marker does initiate the Reach M+ to record gps data every marker pulse.
I set the RedEdge top-of-form to trigger every 5sec. I checked the Reach M+ gps data raw-ubx and
it is producing data every 200msec (gps set to 5Hz).
c) It seems that once the logging switch for raw-UBX on Reach M+ is turned ON, the Reach M+ will free
run recording gps irrespective of the marker.

can you please advise where I am going wrong?
One more clarification: If I am only running ROVER Reach M+, do I have to set the Reach M+ RTK Tab
to SINGLE or leave it on KINEMATIC?


Further to my previous message, I checked the Reach M+ Camera Tab in the ‘Camera Events’ section
and I found out that the Time Mark operates. I checked this by pressing button on RedEdge to take
photo manually. Everytime I take a photo, the time of the time-mark on Reach M+ changes.

However, I still have the problem described in my previous message.

Reach logs all the data. To extract time marks you need to post-process your log and then check .pos file with “_event”. The .pos file with “_event” will contain timestamps you captured during your job

Thank you. I will check.

I loaded *.pos file as data1 and *_event.pos files as data2 into rtkplot and I can see both.
I still do not see event (set to 1/sec). Is there a table I can view which shows when the event occured

You can use text editor to open *_event.pos file. You will see the list of events inside.

I viewed the file and I can see events.
Some of the events are occurring once per sec but some happen in 2 or 3 sec even when the marker is operating.

I will do another test and check the _a new file tomorrow. It is very late here.
Thank again for your assistance and patience.
Best Regards


I got sync between number of events and the number of pictures.
All seems ok now for moving on to the next stage of processing.
Thank you again for your help.

Great to hear that!

Please make sure you use one of the following configurations when mapping with Reach:

System Frequency
GPS 10 Hz

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