Quadcopter flips on takeoff

Hi , today i tried to fly my navio2 quadcopter for the first time , my problem is flipping at take off whether flying it manually ((i tried to increase throttle quickly and slowly, both didn’t work)) or in auto mode .
The motors rotation are correct as in the documentation so are the props .
What could be the problem .
This is a photo of the quad

A video showing the flip

The motor wiring seems to be correct to.
Did you mount the props correctly?
Did you calibrat the imu correctly?
Did you set the flight controller orientation correctly?

I always test the correct motor behavior while holding the copter in my hand WITHOUT PROPELLERS mounted.

did you calibrate the esc’s correctly

Thank you for your help , it was a wiring problem , first i didn’t know the wiring order of esc’s was strict , and second one of the esc’s ground wire was connected to the positive pin of navio2 board , i feel stupid but happy the problem was solved .