QuadCopter Crash + Video! Why?

Hello community,

I am new and „nooby“! Yes…but I try to learn new things and I want to get things forward and share projects for a big community.
Nevertheless I do have some problems.

Plane crash 1

Plane Crash 2

Plane Crash air Start

Can you tell me what’s wrong?
What could be the mistake?

I took the MAVIC PRO clone and 3D printed it - resized with 5cm more width
I ordered
-raspberry pi 4 with 4gb

  • Flysky FS-i6X 10CH 2.4GHz AFHDS RC Transmitter mit FS-iA10B Empfänger
  • LHI 4X 2212 920KV Brushless Motor (CW / CCW) + 4X SIMONK 30A ESC Für DJI Phantom
  • KEESIN 4 Paar Bull Nose 1045 Props CW CCW ABS Propellern für Quadcopter Acromodelle

I did gyro, compass, rc calibration, manual esc with flysky Transmitter Channel 3.

Please help me :cry:

Hi , can you upload a clear image of your esc connections .

a) did you check for correct propeller rotation? https://docs.emlid.com/navio2/ardupilot/typical-setup-schemes/
(It appears there is some German language involved so I’ll provide answer in both)
Drehrichtung von Motoren richtig ? https://docs.emlid.com/navio2/ardupilot/typical-setup-schemes/
b) Has all the basic calibration been done ? …Compass, accelerometer, ESC’s…
Wurde Grundkalibrierung ausgefuehrt ? …Kompass, Beschleunigs-Sensor, Motor Regler,…
c) Have Propellers been balanced ?
Wurden Propeller ausgewuchtet ?
d) There are many reasons why drone may not fly - Can you please download and sent .bin file if above mentioned points don’t fix the problem?
Es gibt viele Gruende warum eine Drone nicht fliegt - Bitte die .bin datei herunterladen und hier hochladen wenn die Punkte zuvor das Problem nicht loesen.

Hi @Benix6,

Please provide me with the photos of your hardware setup so that I can check if everything’s connected properly.

Also, flight logs from Mission Planner would be of great help.