QGroundControl & Navio2 connecting issue

I did TELEM1 ="-A udp:" and changed it to my ip address. Then I download QGROUNDControl. On Groundcontrol it is saying waiting for vehicle connection.

Not sure what I am doing wrong

You did nothing like that:

What you have to do is follow the instructions of this link:

With “nano”, you open and edit the /etc/default/arducopter file

so TELEM1 line will be:

TELEM1=“-A udp:”

if the IP of the computer running QGroundControl is

If you have also a telemetry radio hooked to UART plug, you uncomment line TELEM2,

Save the change, and close the file…

That totally makes sense. I have one more question. Do I have to get telemetry device to talk to connect to my ground station ? Because currently I don’t have one .

Raspberry Wifi range is limited but usable to set parameters or upload mission flight plan at the field.

Some users can use the R/C telemetry to monitor essential parameters.

Since my project is Autonomous Drone. I am not allowed to use a ground station. I am just using it for testing purposes. So can I set parameters in raspberry pi or programme in such a that my drone goes to certain GPS location ?. I need help .

Thank you,
Hassan Baig

Hi @baig,

There is no ready solution for such a task.

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