Qgroundcontrol : 0 channels detected (transmitter issue)

I’m using

  • latest version of qgroundcontrol for MAC (3.5.4)
  • latest version of PI image for NAVIO2. (ardupilot)

I’m able to calibrate the sensors in qground control, however qgroundcontrol reports 0 channels detected for the transmitter.

I checked the /sys/kernel/rcio/rcin path and channels are available, they also do report changes in PWM values when the sticks on the transmitter are moved.

It seems the information is not being transmitted by ardupilot to qgroundcontrol.
Any pointers to solve this issue?

Problem solved:
I’m using FRSKY transmitter and receiver. The receiver needs binding to the transmitter.
The NAVIO2 needs the receiver to be bound in mode 4 (NOT 5!!)
see also receiver manual

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