QGIS Points and Drone GCPs

Here is a cross-post from the DroneDeploy Forum where I show how to create points in QGIS and export them to CSV for field layout and/or creating rough GCPs. A similar task can be done to digitize linework over the map and export to a CAD DXF file for data collector linework and/or CAD designing.


Nice video. So what would be the situation where someone will take an Orthomosaic and create GCP’s in Qgis like you did here? Would this be from an Ortho that was created from a previous drone mapping mission with no GCP’s? I am still itching to dig into Qgis!

I think the question was asked to create stakeout points for specific areas of damage, but my mention was to show there’s more than one way to create repeatable maps. Obviously I wouldn’t use this method if I wanted sub-5cm topo, but to be 10cm and horizontally accurate. It is a great case for the guys that cannot afford or are not comfortable with GPS. It is also a good case when you have absolutely no control to go by except for a vertical benchmark or two from the plans or municipality.

I actually had this come up the other day in discussions with a neighboring city. They wanted to make horizontally accurate maps for master planning that were repeatable over time and could be given to their GIS department. They didn’t need vertical, just for the map to be measurable and be in the same place every time. As we well know, if you don’t use gcps there can be up to 20 or 30ft of horizontal drift between maps.


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