QGIS export to reachview

Hello !

How can i export files from QGIS which can be transferred to Emlid reachview.

When i export as .csv with Z-values reachview announces that it cannot be read. I saw that in the structure the position of the ID column is the last but should be the first. How can i change this?
Are there settings in QGSIS?

By exporting as .geojson or .dxf reachview does not work with the data?


A CSV for points should be just fine. Can you make sure the columns are in the right order? Emlid requires,


including a header.

So the problem i think is that i have no elevation data when i place points as vectorlayer in QGIS.

How can change the order of this columns?

Sorry i am a beginner using geodata.

I thougt it will be easy to export points from QGIS to reach rs+ but at the moment it is a nightmare for me.

Is there any source where i can find a tutorial to do this…?

I’m not sure this exactly gets what you need, but to continue I just edit the CSV in Excel. It seems to be the easiest way I have found to get exactly what I want.

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