QGC Error - Paramaters Missing

After going through a few of the configuration steps in Q Ground Control this error popped up and continues to pop up. I am running Navio2 on RPI3.

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Hi Paul,

What’s the version of QGC you use?

Version 3.4.1

I should also inform that I found an updated version of Raspbian image for download. I thought that when I ran updates in old image it was bringing my firmware current. Up until this update I was stuck on ADP 3.4 which I feel may have something to do with this.

Hi Paul,

PSC_ACCZ_* parameters are new parameters from ArduPilot 3.6 not stable version. In the meantime, this version isn’t implemented for Navio.

So you can use the previous version of QGC or the ArduPilot beta version. Here you can download binary file of the beta version. You also can build it from sources.

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