QGC connecting via iPad possible but not via PC?

Connection of QGroundControl via iOS (12.3) quick and stable, but not via Windows 10 (Pro 64bit) PC.
On the PC the Software is waiting and waiting and waiting……for Connection.
Same Problem with Mission planner on PC.
So I think ist a Problem related to the PC.

Attached my configuration on Raspi and PC, maybe one of you know where I can find my bug :wink: is my PC whereas is my iPad.


Hi @masterklause,

You should use different options for different TELEMs. Please specify them in the following way:

TELEM1="-A udp:"
TELEM2="-C udp:"

Perfect, THX!!!

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Have you had a chance to test it already?

HI Tatiana,
QGC@iPad works, QGC@PC same prob, no communication :frowning:

Everything allright now, QGC on iPad and PC as well as MP on PC.
THX a lot!

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