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Man, beat me to it :grin:. Past few weeks been working on integration into our current workflow and I am very impressed so far. I go to start a writeup today and there it was! Its very simple to use, lightweight and powerful. Any QGIS project from your desktop will seamlessly convert over into a nice mobile package for use in the app and works online and offline.

Here is the documentation from OPENGIS website: QField Documentation

For Emlid users there are a few aspects that may be of interest. In particular is the handling of the Android locational data. Yes, it uses mock location and can integrate easily with our Reach receivers outputting position to bluetooth. Like this in the docs: Emlid Mock Location

I have not had the chance to test this one yet but QField can transform/reproject on the fly the input WGS84 data from the reach and convert to the projects defined coordinate system. Here is text from docs:

"Inside the positioning menu you can turn on the positioning display which will show the current coordinates which are reprojected into the project CRS along with precision information.

Coordinate Reference Systems

QField uses the Coordinate Reference System (CRS) information found in the project file.

  • Project CRS
  • On the fly reprojection (OTF) is used for visualization
  • Layer CRS

3D Coordinates

GPS devices are capable of measuring the altitude next to the current 2D position on the earth surface. This information can be saved"

I also like the fact you can add your own basemaps to the project from several formats. It also supports XYZ tile layers so you can bring in a wealth of basemaps available online. To add a number of basemaps into QGIS desktop try this Python script by Klas Karlsson: Adding XYZ Basemaps In QGIS Script

Or, like me and other drone mappers in the forum, you might want to bring in your own fancy super high-resolution orthomosaic from your last drone flight. Simply tile it up and put on your server and add the address for a new XYZ tile layer (you can tile any image/raster this way).
XYZ Tiles with QTiles

Why is this slick? Because you can digitize and edit your data in the field on your own high resolution imagery and for us we typically fly a site first before starting any fieldwork.

I will post some more of my experience as I test and tune. Hopefully others here will try this software and find some utility because I sure am looking forward to incorporating into our workflow.


Great, seems to be the app I was looking for.


Very interesting! Looking forward to testing this!


Awesome! V1.0 this oughta be rock-solid and “bug-free”! Ha! ; )

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Qfield has not yet implemented a z-transformation to project coordinate system. Overall, great app for projects. More to come.

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Very use useful endeed! I´m a QGIS user, so this extensión gonna be worth!

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Hi there,

The thread is pretty old, but I see it helpful to mention that we have ReachView 3 now :slightly_smiling_face: Especially because it supports different coordinate systems as well. If you have any questions, please create a new topic. We’ll be there!