Q5 solution when post processing

Hello, i am having problems, obtening Q5 for most of my flight. I followed all the instructions, good place for base without obstacles, the base is a triple frequency full GNSS reciever. As i see, the observation files from both base and plane (rover). The base coordinates were taken using Ntrip corrections (rtk fix +/-2 cm).



Here the base obs file
base.obs (6.3 MB)

and rover

I hope you can help me.

here the base obsolute coordinates in wgs84
lat 19 19 35.580220
long -70 35 26.281400
ellip height 160.6200

Hi @aespinalp,

The rover log is longer than the base one. The base data recording is stopped at 14:35, while the rover continued to log the data until 14:51. To calculate the solution during the period from 14:35 to 14:51, you need the base log recorded during this time span.

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