[Q For Programmers] What Python version would you recommend?

Hi, experts.

I am trying to apply my program on Navio 2 and RPI 3 - B.
I wonder what Python version would be suitable for this case.
I downloaded Python 2.8 (maybe) on Navio 2. But, I would really like to use Python 3.

About Program:
I am trying to make a program to just demonstrate INS (Inertial Navigation System) with sensors which are already on Navio 2 (as IMU, and barometers). The sensors on Navio 2, IMU and barometers are only sensors need for INS. So I am trying to connect those sensors with programmed Dead reckoning (calculator for INS) so just demonstrate as INS. Because real INS costs like $500.

If there is anyone who knows about it, please feel free to answer.

Thank you very much.

Hi @Andy_L.
Emlid raspbian comes with pre-installed Python 3.5.3. So yes, you can use Python3 for your program. Here you can find our basic examples showing how to work with onboard devices you need (IMU, barometer).


Thank you very much. But, I think I installed Python 2.7.14 maybe… Do you know how to remove? and one more question, do you know how to launch the drone without RC controller?

Why do you need to remove Python2.7? You can continue using Python3.5. As for launching the drone without RC controller you can try to use joystick. Many Navio users have successfuly calibrated ESCs without a transmitter. You can read this thread for example. Also you can try to do this using MAVProxy.

But as you know if you checked my reply, I am trying to run the INS program on Navio 2 if it is possible. And it seems like Python 3 might work better to me. I do not have any RC controller though. Because I want complete autopilot mode (it was disappointment people called controlling the drone with joystick or RC controller, autopilot). I need to get this project done by tomorrow. It is shame to say but I am working on this for school science fair project… Do you even think that run the personally coded program on Navio 2 possible?

And when I type “Python” on Navio OS. It says my python version is 2.7.13.

Try to type python3, it can help :wink:

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Yes, as Igor said you can just type python3. But if you want to type python, the simple and safe way is to create alias. Place this to the end of your .bashrc:
alias python=python3
And run the below command:
source ~/.bashrc


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