Python USB-to-PC

Hi Guys,
I need to create some python code which collects the position data from my new Reach M2 in real time to be used alongside some other hardware.

Does anyone have a tutorial to get USB-to-PC working on Ubuntu 18?

The Reach M2 has been set up on the reachview app so that its position streaming is set to USB-to-PC, baud rate 57600, format LLH and has fully up to date firmware.

The Reach M2 does not show up in the GUI but ‘dmesg’ in the terminal reveals that it a ReachM2 is running on USB1-1 and the position recording in app is accurate.

I hope this is enough information to help diagnose the problem.


Hi William,

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Isn’t it more convenient to stdout the position stream by listening to the USB port? You should be able to find the USB device that corresponds to Reach M2 in the /dev folder. I believe it’s easier to redirect that stream to your Python script using that port.



Thanks so much, its good to hear that its possible.

That sounds exactly like what I would like to do. Are there examples of this kind of thing that could be shared?

Hi William,

We don’t have the ready scripts for this, but you can easily find the examples on the net. You need to keep an eye out for the ones working with Linux USB ports. Here are two examples I’ve found in GitHub projects:

They can aim for different results, but you can take the basis of extracting the data from the port.

I also found this forum thread concerning Raspberry Pi where the users discuss a similar appliance. I believe you can take something useful from there as well.

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