Python scripting and bluetooth


sorry for the novice question but i am very new to linux and navio2. i was wondering if there is a way for the Navio2 to startup and call a python script that will accept a bluetooth connection, then fire off a few threads that’ll collect data from the navio2 and pass it to a phone via bluetooth? been stuck trying to figure it out.
in the raspbian os i was able to work with bluetooth and pass data around to it, but with the navio2 recommended os i am having issues.

when i do “bluetoothctl” then “show” i am getting error “No Default controller available”

i commented out dtoverlay=pi3-disable-bt from /boot/config.txt but after i reboot i still dont see a controller. am i forgetting some settings?

i noticed in this thread George has overlay=pi3-disable-bt instead of btoverlay like how it came by default for me Can I use Raspberry Pi 3's built-in bluetooth with Navio 2?

any help would be really appreciated
thank you