Python/C++ control of Navio+


I wanted to manually control (from my application, without mavlink) the quadrotor with navio controller via c(python) code. So I wonder if it possible not only to obtain sensor information from navio but to get direct control of motors or rc channels?

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Yes, this is absolutely possible. Have a look at our examples’ repository. Specifically, look into Servo and PPM. These should give you an idea how the motors or RC channels can be used.

Thank you for help!

  1. The Servo code works well, but it actually breaks apm which is not suitable for me.
  2. The PPM code looks like only decodes PPM messages to PWM.

Is it possible just to make fake RC signal input for controll navio in APM manual mode?

@xFirefly Examples are meant to be run standalone, not together with APM - it may lead to unpredictable behavior.

You can send an RC value to the APM over Mavlink. I’d recommend to try MAVproxy to do this.

Yes, I know this method. But it would be nice if I could avoid using mavlink