PX4 Reach integration

Software integration with Emlid Reach and Px4 firmware. I am trying to use a pair of reach modules in order to inject corrections to PX4 using Q Ground control. I have been able to do this with mission planner using ardupilot, but I was wondering if there is any updates on this working properly with PX4 firmware instead?

Use mavproxy and Q Ground control. MavProxy can inject the RTCM connrections using the DGPS module.

I do use Mavproxy on a (companion) machine that is flying on the quadcopter (rover). I can load the DGPS module. What commands do I need to inject the RTCM corrections? Do I have to read it from somewhere else?

You will need to run mavproxy on the PC that is connected to the RTK base GPS.
Or … on the companion computer but that one needs to be connected to the base RTK as well !

Our setup:

Base GPS is connected to Laptop running qgroundcontrol (currently no mavproxy here).

Rover GPS is connected to pixhawk/px4 using serial port. Pixhawk is connected to a linux box using telmetry 2 which runs mavproxy.

How do we get RTK to work with this setup? By any chance do you have some documentation on this somewhere that will help? This is the setup I have in mind.

Do you have 4G/LTE connectivity on the companian computer ?
If not, then run mavproxy on the PC, connect it to the Pixhawk via 3DR radio and connect the Base RTK to the PC using an USB cable or wifi.

Configure Mavproxy with the IP address of the Base RTK and load the DGPS moodule.

It’s OK to have one mavproxy on the PC and another on the companion computer