PX4 on Navio2

Hi, I have a same setup as you do but I ran into a problem where it looks like my ESCs are uncalibrated and px4’s esc_calibration function does not support NAVIO. Everything is running well except the fact that i can’t lift off my drone. I have tried to calibrate each ESCs manually one -by-one, but this does not work. I am assuming the the pwm outputs of the controller have to be calibrated but i can’t find any way to that.
Have you experienced this problem before and even if you havent, would you have any suggestions on how i could work around it?

Any advice would be appreciated.
Best Regards

Hi @tgadi001,

Welcome to the community forum!

We officially support only ArduPilot on Navio2. We’ve never tested Navio2 with PX4, so I’m afraid I can’t be of much help on this.

However, I have found this guide that explains how to calibrate ESCs on PX4 via QGroundControl. Maybe it’ll be able to guide you in the right direction. Hopefully, some of our users who are experienced with PX4 would be able to help you to resolve the issue.