PX4 Navio2 rpi3 problems and thoughtts


I decided i wanted to play around with the px4 software mainly to see if it would actually work. I have a few vtol designs i want to play with and i was hoping that i could use the navio2/rpi3 to run it. Im using a futaba t8fg and futaba r6208 RX. My test platform is a dji f450 and a large battery (for more testing/tuning time). Im using the emlid raspbian,

I got it installed and running and it mostly seems to work, or atleast up tot he point i am at.

My main problem is that i have no input from the ppm(futaba t8fg, rx :r6208). Arducopter and the rcin files are showing pwm values, so i know that the pi is getting the ppm input from the RX. Im thinking i might try not using a rc input and try for a usb controller setup instead. I found a parameter that will let me bypass the rc input all together and run with just a usb controller. I have searched the internet and nothing seems to really relate to my issue. I thought about maybe checking the code to make sure its looking for the pwm values in the right place. maybe the rpi px4 stack doesn’t really know where to go for those values? Im not really a coder though. Nor have i yet to find the rc input portion of the code. It also seems to grab some pwm values on start up, but won’t update after that. Any thoughts?

I should note that the developers guide for the px4 software literally mentions nothing about navio 2, so im happy that its working this well

Arducopter is running great, its ready for drone testing. No issues getting that up and running

In PX4, it seems to be able to read from all the sensors and i got a quad rotor program loaded. i haven’t tested any outputs yet, as i dont have any control. I also haven’t calibrated anything, but the sensors look pretty bang on already. All in all i think there is hope in using the px4 software.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Richard!

Seems like something is wrong with PX4 code reading the input.
You could try opening an issue about that on PX4 GitHub.

Hi Richard

do you start “navio_rgbled” in the config file? if yes, just uncomment this part. This prevented me from reading the rc values with the px4 stable version

Hey, that worked. Thanks!

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