PX4 flight stack now supports the Navio2

The new PX4 1.4.1 release now claims to support the Navio2. Will Emlid update/add documentation for it as well? e.g.:

Navio2 docs » Navio2 with PX4 autopilot » PX4 installation and running

We have plans for this, but need to properly test everything first.

I really think this is interesting. should we be aware of something special when testing the px4?

I am also waiting for the PX4 to become available for navio2. PX4 and QGroundControl looks like having more potentials. Personally i find MissionPlanner too old in terms of interface and how it works. I would expect the development team to provide some more clean interfaces (like qgroundcontrol does).
Also, the development team in PX4 and QGRoundControl is a big plus, given that the ETH Zurich university is also involved !!

Not sure if the Zurich involvement is a big plus, maybe they favour their own pixhawk system… but yes i also like Qgroundcontrol more…

QGC supports ArduPilot as well and we mostly use it when flying. The interface is indeed very modern and user friendly.


Any update on this? Is there a guide on how to setup Navio2 with PX4 ?

Nicolae Rosia


Is there any news on PX4 and Navio? Does anyone have any experiences to share?

Many are requesting documentation for PX4 installation on the navio2! I need to attempt this soon and would love help. Thanks.

Found some documentation…https://dev.px4.io/en/hardware-rpi.html


Just wondering what the advantage is in using the PX4 flight stack instead of the APM flight stack ?

I’m currently using the APMRover 3.2 RC1 and we needed to modify the apm source code in order to send both a velocity and turn rate command at the same time while in guided mode.