PWM, motor drivers, and power on the servo rail

Hey guys! Real fast question. Let’s say I opted to control a Sabertooth 2x32, or other PWM-capable motor driver, with PWM, rather than say, UART. I assume I don’t need to attach a BEC or other power source to the servo rail, correct? That would only be needed if I was trying to pass power on to a servo, yes?


Maybe I’m thinking about this incorrectly… The more I mull it over it seems like it would need the power no matter what, even if it’s not specifically to drive a servo.

for a sabertooth, you do not need to power the servorail. The sabertooth is powered from the battery connection,. If you have an optical isolated (opto) ESC, you will need to power its electronics with 5V from an external BEC connected to the servorail. If you use multiiple batteries for motors and electronics, they must share a common ground.

Perfect. Thanks for the clarification!