PWM like GPIOs?

I’m working with Navio2 for a project, but I need more GPIOs

Right now I can only use the UART pins (GPIO17 and GPIO18), but I need more, and I have free PWM outputs, so: Is it possible to use PWM outputs like GPIOs?


Yep, but only in the next release. If you’re interested we can roll out a beta for you test it out.

Yes, I’m interested, if you can send me the beta I could be doing tests.
Thanks and regards.

I have disconnected the following GPIO from Navio2:
BCM 23
BCM 24
BCM 27

Navio2 seems to continue working without problems. I pass the emlidtool test, and I think everything is ok.

I have tested the PWM from 0 to 4 and I also work correctly.

Doing this can generate any risk?

Is already avaible the beta?


We’ll release it later this week!

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