"Pushing" Data to Ardupilot

Hi Guys,

I’m currently working on a project where I’m attempting to turn a Navio2 board into a front seat computer for marine vehicles, and need to be able to feed certain information (GPS, heading, IMU, whatnot) to a backseat computer, and to be able to take data from the backseat computer(in this case, desired heading, desired speed, desired yaw rate, desired thrust, and direct command of the left and right motor) and feed it to ardupilot. I know that taking information from ardupilot is relatively simple via mavros, but is there a good way to take the information described above and give it to ardupilot to use ?


Also, is there any resource that lists all the information that can be read through mavros and how to access it?


You can try rostopic tool, it might help you with getting some data you need.

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