PRS92 / Philippines zone 3 - EPSG:3123

Hi Everyone,

  1. I am working on a survey project, required to use PRS 92 (ESPG:3123)
  2. I manually entered a WGS 84 Coordinates in an emlid Base
  3. We started to collect data in a PRS 92 X & Y Coordintes
  4. And as per checking of my Northing Easting Results in GIS Software and excel my coordinates are off by ±80 meters

Does anyone have the same experience using different projections?

Please help

EPSG:3123 referenced SPHEROID[“Clarke 1866”,6378206.4,294.978698213898]


To help understand the 7-parameter transformation (translation + rotation + scaling) that’s involved in going from PRS 92 (ESPG:3123) to WGS84, study the section under the heading towgs84.

If you collect and process your geodetic data in WGS84; i.e., lat,log,ellip(m), you could then perform a conversion to PRS 92 using an online service.

In doing a Google search for “online transformation calculator from WGS84 to PRS 92” you’ll find several options.

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Hi @cbccsi,

Emlid Flow doesn’t support the transformation between PRS92 and WGS84 now, but you can add it with a Custom CS. Please walk through this step-by-step guide from our docs to create it. For PRS92 / Philippines zone 3, you’ll need to choose the GRS80 ellipsoid and add the parameters for transformation and projection. You can find them by these links on