Providing RTCM to Reach M+´s from internet via LoRa?

Project description:
I have 4 Reach M+ - devices attached to both Emlid LoRa radio and Xbee-radio. LoRa is for receiving correction data and Xbee is for sending position data. Setup works very well when I use extra Reach module in base mode to provide correction data on-site with LoRa radio. The problem is that the site where the M+´s are located is quite harsh and it it very difficult to make a local base station. To overcome this, I have set up a base station further away and gave it a public static IP in internet. Now I would need to make a device which reads correction data from Internet AND passes it to other devices on site via LoRa radio. Are there any ways to make one Reach M+ to both receive RTCM3 AND send it to other M+ devices? Or are there any ways to attach Emlid LoRa-module to PC with USB and send RTCM3 messages?

Or can anyone suggest any approach to this?

Thank You in advance!


Hi Pekka,

Yes, you can configure one Reach M+:

  1. To get corrections over the Internet in Correction input tab of ReachView
  2. To transmit corrections over the LoRa radio in Base mode
  3. To output the position over external radio in Position output

I’m afraid this LoRa module is compatible only with Reach M+ receivers.

What will be the baseline to the base station with public IP?

I tried this indoors and at least when the “linking” Reach M+ doesn´t have gps signal, it doesn´t forward RTCM3 messages. Is there some setting that would allow it just to forward messages in any situation? I wouldn´t want the linking reach to try to calculate itself as a base station and provide it´s own correction data.

The baseline is approximately 3-4km in urban area. We have tested this and found it accurate.

There’s no such setting. Reach can output the corrections only relying on its own position.

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