Projection EPSG 25832

Hey, I need to work with Projection EPSG 25832, but i can‘t choos it. I can choose no other projection then EPSG 4326. EPSG 25832 is the offical System in NRW (part of Germany) i need to work in it for survey and stakeout.

What can i do?

Nothing yet i am afraid. Could you elaborate your workflow a bit better? RTK, PPK, stakeout, survey etc
But if you hook up a phone or a datacollector to Reach, there is a workaround.

In NRW we have a free RTK Service called Sapos. It works via ntrip caster, rtcm 3.1 Virtual refference system and has an included Transformation total epsg 25832 and height NN (gcg2016). I want to use this Service to stakeout points given in epsg 25832 with 1-2cm acurracy ans messure points. But Reach View only accept 4326 wgs84.

Like @TB_RTK mentioned, other apps/data collectors are the best option for real-time survey at this point. An alternative is to bring your WGS84 data into QGIS and export it out to your local state plane.

Do u Know an free App for this Kind of work? It is Not an Option to by an 700€ RTK and then spend 1000€ for an trimble or topcon App.

Will qgis for this Transformation in cm acurracy?

Yes, if your export is 4cm or better then QGIS is capable of 5cm- accuracy.

Also check out Mobile topographer and Mapit app. For android.

When i stakeout with cartesian coordinates, i convert them in qgis to lat/long and export them directly via import feature of Reach, works great.


This is a request to the EMLID team:hamburger::slightly_smiling_face:
The lack of the coordinate conversion module is the main drawback of the Reach View program.
RTNFriend solved this issue very well. If EMLID team went this route, it would be a great relief for all.
From direct information with RTNFriend it appears that for cartographic formulas they use, because this documentation is always referred to by the RTMC documentation.
In the case of Transverse Mercator, they are coded in the C ++ JHS formulas on page 51 (page 51) - when the user defines his own Mercator Transerse projection, these formulas are used. This is the professional approach.


@magnus.wulf, hope @TB_RTK and @chascoadmin answered your question.
Also, you can find a lot of threads in the community forum on how to work with Reach connected to 3rd-party apps as well as in our docs.

Regarding coordinates transformation, @r.pazus, this function is on our to-do list.
As soon as it’s implemented, we’ll add it in ReachView.


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