Projecting Coordinate System - RS2 to Phantom 4 RTK


If I use Emlid Caster to send corrections from a Reach RS2 Base to a Phantom 4 RTK, will the images be geo-referenced in the same coordinate system and vertical datum as the base is set to?

My RS2 is set to NAD83 coordinate system with a CGVD28 vertical datum and I need to know if my images will be geo-referenced in the same?

Thank you to whoever can answer this.

Hi Nelson,

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Rover’s coordinates indeed relate to the same datum as the base. However, keep in mind that Reach RS2 requires geographic coordinates and ellipsoidal heights in the Base mode tab. So in your case, all the coordinates there should be in NAD83.

To get orthometric heights for the photos, you can convert NAD83 heights to CGVD28 after the survey and update photos’ metadata. I believe it should be possible in 3rd-party apps.

Hi Julia,

Thank you.

So to clarify, let’s say I have the following settings inputted into Reachview 3…

  • project coordinate system is set to EPSG 3775
  • vertical datum is set to EPSG 5713

If I was placing the base over a known point then in the base mode tab I would need to enter the coordinates and ellipsoidal height of the known point?

What if the same settings were applied in RV3 and I wanted to average-single the base to find its coordinates, would the Z coordinate provided by the base be based on ellipsoid height or orthometric height?


The coordinate system and vertical datum you choose in ReachView 3 relate to created project only. They’re applied when you collect or stake out points in the Survey tab.

Yep, right. Here is also a guide from our docs on placing the base manually.

When you set the base using Average Single, you get its Longitude, Latitude, and Ellipsoidal height related to WGS 84 datum.

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