Project Sharing for Collaboration?

Is there any way to share a project with another person in Emlid Flow 360 so you can collaborate in the same project?


Currently only by sharing your login credentials. Team access has been requested though. Good idea.

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Hi @bstocker,

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As Dave mentioned, the teamwork feature is on our roadmap, but there is no ETA at the moment, and we are looking into various options for what it might include. We will notify you as soon as we have any updates.

However, we do not recommend using multiple devices in a single account at the same time. Otherwise, the data might not synchronize properly. This can make the app’s behavior unpredictable.

Thank you. My intent is not to have multiple people in the field collecting data in the app. It would be to have one person collecting data, then another person back in the office viewing it in Emlid Flow 360. For that use case, there should be no issue, correct?

As long as you don’t try to edit the data in both places during the same session, you should be okay. The office should not be editing or otherwise manipulating data while the session is open in the field or visa-versa. The office only observing during the session should be fine. Also note that updates to the cloud require a good data connection in the field during work. Else, the data will sync later when there is a good connection.


Perfect. That’s exactly how I intend to use it. Thanks for the clarification!

@zoltan.biber - related question on this…
Say I want to capture a lot of data on the same project. Hypothetically, say I have two users in the field using two different rovers and signed into the same account. But one user is in a duplicate “dummy” job that we’ll just export the data and bring it over to the main job. Would there be any of the account sync issues you mentioned if the two users are collecting in different jobs? I’m hoping this will work until proper team access comes out.

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Hi @bstocker,

We don’t recommend collecting data with more than one rover in the same Flow account simultaneously. It can cause issues with the data sync and lead to some of the data being lost.

This will be possible with Teamwork, but I don’t have any ETA that I can share at the moment.