Project not present on RS+ device after firmware update


I recently returned to work with project data that was acquired using an Emlid RS+ in September 2019. The RS+ device has not been used since this data was acquired, and the data was originally collected using the ReachView app on an iPhone.

Realizing ReachView is no longer supported, I installed the Emlid Flow app and was able to pair successfully with both the base/rover and was able to view the project in the Emlid Flow app while paired. However, I noticed the installed firmware was quite outdated (v2.16.0) and went ahead and updated to Reach Firmware 30.1.

My issue is, now when I pair with my RS+ base/rover through Emlid Flow I am unable to see the September 2019 project in the “Surveys” tab. In fact, under the only visible project is the “Demo Project” containing data near Zurich. Thankfully I have a local copy of the September 2019 data stored off the device. However, I am curious if the data still stored and accessible somewhere on the RS+ device even though it is not visible, or if the data is no longer accessible on the RS+ given the recent firmware update. Ideally, I would still be able to go in and re-export the September 2019 project data, if needed.

Thanks for any help/insight you may be able to provide on regaining access to the project data on the RS+!


Hi Cole,

Do I understand correctly that you reflashed the unit to get it to the 30.1 firmware?

Hi Kseniia,

I did not reflash the unit to update to 30.1 firmware. I connected the unit to wifi and updated through Emlid Flow when prompted. There were several intermediate firmware updates that I do not recall the version (I think firmware 24 was one of them). However, to my knowledge the unit never reset to factory settings during this process, unless it did so by default during one of the firmware updates.


Got it, thanks! If the unit was not flashed, the projects should still be on the receiver. You can check it as follows:

  • Connect your phone, tablet, or laptop to the same network as Reach

  • Open the Reach Panel web interface. To do it, enter the receiver’s IP address in the network in a browser address bar. If Reach is in the hotspot mode, it’s

  • If the projects are still on the receiver, you’ll see the Survey projects tab where you can download them.

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