Project missing

Hi there, i have a South H6 that i use for surveying with Reach RS2 and RS2+ but after configuration i can’t find my projects, i didn’t delete anything. Help me please.

Hi Ricardo,

I’m here to help you in sorting this out! But I need to clarify some details with you to understand what happened. Do I get it right, that you work with ReachView 3 on South H6? Have you used the Account sync feature?

Hi, i think so but not intentionally because I was configuring Rover and Base. But i use reachview in my smartphone too, but these days for this project i was just using South H6.

Hi Ricardo,

I see, so you didn’t log in to the account on South H6? Can you please specify the OS version that is installed on South H6? Also what version of ReachView 3 is installed on that device?

I’have logged and find my projects, thanks


I’m glad to hear that you’ve sorted this out!