Project is not opening or exporting from Reach RS2 Rover

Hello everyone,

I am encountering a serious issue with reach RS2 rover. While, connecting to rover network, the survey project which I created earlier is not opening or exporting at all. I even tried it on different OS like android, iOS and even Windows 10 but none of them worked. Moreover on tapping export option, it states to wait. I waited for an hour or so but there was no success. Following is the screenshot for your reference.


Hi @tanish,

Could you check my message in PM? I wrote to you there as at this stage the troubleshooting requires some additional actions. We’ve fixed the rare issue with the opening and export of the projects in the latest dev version of our firmware.

Also, thank you for the Full System Report. I’ve downloaded it, but I needed to delete it here as it might contain sensitive information.

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