Project does not open

I’m afraid I know the answer to this one, but before I give up:

I just spent 2h in the snow, doing my first survey to test my new Reach Base/Rover combo.
Towards the end, after I recorded 19 points, the USB power connector slipped out of my powerbank.
Now I cannot open the survey project, and trying to export points gives me an infinitely spinning wheel…

Is there any way to salvage my data? Or is this a corrupted file and cannot be recovered?

For the future, is there anything I can do during the survey project (apart from starting a new project for every point) to avoid/minimise data loss in case of a power loss during the process?



The way your scenario happened is unfortunate.
What’s even more unfortunate is that the “Survey issue” you speak of is very common. I once lost almost 400+ points in a single survey job and not from a power failure like yours.


A firmware update to save a survey project in the background every few minutes(automatically) should be done.

@DaneGer21 ouch, that really sucks - 400 points!

I am not yet familiar with the rtklib software, but could one restore your points from the Reach’s log files, if one knew the time at which a point was surveyed?

There is a “backdoor” way into the Reach, but I wasn’t aware at the time. Who knows if it would have worked. I forfeited that project as I wasn’t gonna spend another 5+hrs trenching through mud and burrs.

@DaneGer21, is that the ssh way into the system?
I am not sure if that would work, would depend on how files are saved.
But perhaps getting hold of my corrupted files might help Emlid figure out how to work around it…

That’s the only way I know, ssh.

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