Project datum different to CORS corrections

Hi all,

A colleague of mine recently collected positions using both our M2 and RS2 in a ReachView project that was set to use a datum different to that of the corrections being used.

Specifically, the project was set to GDA94 but the corrections from AUSCORS are broadcast in GDA2020.

How will this affect the corrected data points? My colleague is in the field and needs to know asap whether they need to remeasure the data points.

Ideally this error could be corrected here in the office, so any info about the necessary steps would be much appreciated!


Hi @b.p,

If the project is in GDA94 (EPSG:4283), and the rover receives corrections in GDA2020, the collected coordinates are in GDA2020. As I know, the difference between GDA94 and GDA2020 is up to 1.8 meters - so you will need to transform the coordinates, for sure. GIS apps such as QGIS should help here :slight_smile:

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OK great! We actually needed the coordinates in GDA2020 so I guess the end result is correct for our purposes. Thanks, Kseniia

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