Programmatically reset position fix (Reach M, M+)?


Is there a programmatic way (SSH, websocket) to tell a Reach M to reset its internal state estimate and “re-acquire” a new GPS fix? We’re currently doing this by sending a “reboot” command over SSH, but rebooting the device sometimes causes the USB/ethernet interface to drop out.


I don’t know what is possible over SSH, but if you change the RTK settings, this will reset the ambiguity, which is what you are after.

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Yep, exactly. I suppose we could resort to pushing buttons from code, but it seems kind of ugly. I know there was talk of an HTTP API at some point; anyone know if there’s been any progress on that front?

From this thread: Reach HTTP API for mobile app integration - #7 by oliv, I learned that it might be possible to send commands via websocket, like {“name”: “start rover”}. From a .js file I found on the reach, I see this line: d.a.emit('restart rtklib'), which is exactly what I think I want to do. Question is: what’s the correct URL? I’ve tried ws://, but the connection fails, right from the start. Anybody have any experience sending websocket commands to this thing?

Personally, I think resetting the AR process should be included in the survey menu. Why? Because it is a way of making sure we have two really completely independent measures of a point. My partner has the habit of putting the receiver upside down to make it loose the fix and then put it back in place again and take another measure. With a RS2, it only takes seconds and for important points, we have included this acquisition method in the survey procedures. BTW, knowing the distance between the point being measured and the last one also helps getting peace of mind, knowing we are only a few centimeters away from the last measures…

Then, why not make this possible programmatically? This is a suggestion for improvement.

Hi @Rick_Armstrong,

I’m afraid I can’t recommend anything specific. Through the ReachView App you can reset the fix by changing the RTK Settings, as Christian has suggested, or turning off the Correction input.

Regarding the API feature, at the moment I’m afraid we can hardly provide any info about our plans or timelines. We’re working on it, it’s still on our roadmap.

Hi @kildirtech,

Thanks for the suggestion!

We’ll consider adding this in the future versions of the App :wink:

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