Profile Sync between devices

I am trying to use the Profile Sync feature on RV3 between devices. In RV3, I can log into my Emlid Profile on my phone (Google Pixel 6) but I cannot log into my Profile in RV3 on my tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab A7).

When I click the blue Log In button under the Profile page, it takes me to an Emlid Log in page. when I log in with my account info, it takes me right back to the Profile Log In Screen with the blue LogIn button.

RV3 is updated to version 7.10. My Rover and Base are both updated to firmware 29.2.

Have you tried Chrome in desktop mode?

The issue has been resolved. Logging into Emlid Profile worked on the tablet and all projects were synced and now show on my phone as well.

Thank you for your response Michael.

Hi Adam,

Yep, it’s hard to say what was the reason for the issue. But it’s great that now Account Sync works well on both devices. Thanks for keeping us updated!

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