Profile Settings/Project Default Suggestions

Hello - We have been using 2 Reach RX’s for about a month now, and have a few suggestions to hopefully enhance the overall user experience.

  1. Enable an option in a user’s profile that correlates with common project defaults. For example, we are in SE MI and will never, ever measure in meters, and yet - that is the New Project Linear unit default on both the Emlid Flow 360 & Emlid Flow IOS interface (v 8.9). Would it be possible to enable some user specific defaults so that new projects are start with the user’s Linear unit preference?

  2. Another handy profile default setting would be in the Emlid Flow 360 interface and it’s similar to suggestion 1 - have Global coordinate system default to a user specified preference. It saves this information on the Emlid Flow IOS app, but on the 360 side, you have to manually choose from the library the coordinate system, and the vertical datum for each new project you begin.

Thank you for taking the time to read and reply.

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Hi Aaron,

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us! Keeping the settings you use for all the surveys as the default ones sounds helpful. Passed the ideas to the team.

Would you mind sharing why you’d like to use the Global CS? In contrast to projected CS, this option is mostly used for getting started with the app and some quick tests. So it’d be great to learn more about your application.

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