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Hi every one,
we are new to the positioning game. I have the following task: I need to know the relative (only the relative) position of a pedestrian/biker to a moving car with a minimum of ~30 cm accuracy, and log that position as frequently as possible. Distance between rover and base would be below 100 m all the time. My questions are:

  1. is that possible with 2 Reach M+? I would put one on the car as a base, and one on the pedestrian.
  2. Do I need a 3rd, fixed bas station instead?
  3. Do I need a sim card/mobile phone for RTK fix?
  4. Can I have the same setup with multiple rovers later on?
  5. how can I log the positions? Do you have a ROS interface by any chance?

Thanks a lot!

Hi @palffyandras,

Moving base isn’t officially supported in ReachView. So I wouldn’t recommend you to set up a base on a moving person.

However, you can use a stationary base station (the third Reach unit), that will send corrections to both Reach M+ rovers: to the rover on a pedestrian and to the rover on a car. It gives you a centimeter accurate positions of both rovers.

RTK communication between Reach units are usually arranged over LoRa radios. However, a mobile phone might be useful for Reach configuring.

One Reach base can handle multiple Reach rovers.

You can enable raw data and RTK position logging in ReachView app. You also can configure all Reach receivers using this app. It can be freely downloaded from Google Play or App Store.

We don’t have a ROS interface in the meantime.

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Keep in mind, currently that (LoRa (Long Range) is ONLY for the EMLID Reach RS/RS+ receivers! So I am sure your biker / pedestrian would not want to carry that around.

Dear @tatiana.andreeva and @timd1971 , Thanks for the detailed answers.
Why would I need an RS+, if two (three) Reach M+ would do the job? Is there an additional advantage for me?
And even if it is not supported, do you think the moving base version would work with lowered accuracy?
thanks, Andras

The Reach M+ is a very light weight solution, meaning no ready antenna solution, no radio communcation solution, no screwmounting option, no weather sealing etc etc.

Just for the antenna, I think you will get a lot better performance with the RS+, if you DIY your groundplane. You can of course by a nice GNSS antenna, but then you will have almost spent the same as if buying the RS+.
Then other big thing is the lack of ready-to-run radio-solution that the RS+ uses. Reach M+ is out of the box a PPK solution, with the option of doing RTK via internet or radio. But all of this needs to be 3rd party purchased and then setup.
That time could be better spent, depending of how expensive your resources (people) are.


I’m afraid I can’t support you with this question as we didn’t test it.

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