Processing RS2 Static Observations, with network adjustment

Hi Stephanie. Thanks for posting here. We were in contact a while back! However, we never got around to testing the software (mainly due to the lockdown) and following up. I’ll drop you an email again. Given the response, it looks like a viable solution for our clients.

On a separate note, would you know about progress on the RS2’s antenna calibration? Would be great to have the RS2 added to IGS’ working group :smile:

Good to get your feedback @Luke_Wijnberg

EZSurv is the only software I use. It is robust, easy to use, and their support is outstanding.

It will process your RS/RS2 surveys and also do your PPK drone flights as well. You will not be disapointed. It does cost but worth it in my opinion.

Hi there,

Thank you all for the discussion and for sharing your experience!

Regarding the RTKLib, we’ll probably come up with a decision to expand its functionality in the future since there are a lot of requests for that. Such an active conversation is a case in point. However, I can’t say it’s possible to implement it in the nearest time.

@aaron.tan, you’ve also asked about the antenna details for Reach RS2. It’s still in the process. We’ll announce this as soon as it becomes available.


Both very exciting news! Love how active you all are in hearing out user experience.

Any expected timeline on antenna calibration? It’s going to open the RS2 to a whole new market segment once it gets added to the IGS’ working group! Super excited :heart:


Hi @aaron.tan,

Unfortunately, all processes are getting slower and unpredictable due to the pandemic situation. Hope to sort it out soon!

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Just thought I update that I had a look at EZSurv with @Effigis_OnPOZ earlier today and it’s exactly what we’re looking for. Definitely recommend it to anyone looking for complete GNSS processing solution.

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