Processing image problem

I use skywalker with reach for coordinate logger. I geotag the picture use geosetter with time approach. Then I want to process it use agisoft with computer specs:
Core i7 3.4GHz
32GB ram
Gtx980Ti 6Gb

All images are 614, take with 14mp camera canon A2200.
When I processes with agisoft, I got my CPU 100% used, but RAM only about 6Gb (20%).
Any one can help me solve this issue?

Is there a problem with the processing?? It doesn’t seem like you have an issue.

Photoscan doesnt use a ton of memory in the alignment stage. It will use 100% of your available CPU capacity regardless of how fast your computer is. The estimated RAM usage for alignment of 614 images is only something like 2.5gb. See the excellent Photoscan document here:

Since you have (presumably nadir) drone data, you should process your images using “Height Field” mode for the dense cloud creation. In that case you will only approach (and maybe pass) your RAM limit if you process on “Ultra High” quality for that step (according to the Pscan page linked above). BUT also you will probably find that Ultra high will take way too long anyway, with your processor, and that even if you have enough RAM to process on “ultra high” you want it to go faster (and for drone data it likely isn’t necessary to go with ultra high). IF you were using arbitrary mode, which is unnecessary for fixed wing, nadir mapping, you would run out of RAM with your # of images on “Medium” setting.

None of this should matter whether you are using Reach data or not. Though if you have good camera georeference data, If you want alignment to go as fast as possible, you should check “reference” for pair preselection so Photoscan only compares adjacent photos rather than ALL the photos.

Thank ypu @achiii, I got finished my photo. I used height field… I got good enough for the results.