Processing Autel Evo 2 PPK in Emlid Studio

Hello- I can’t process Autel Evo 2 PPK data in Emlid Studio.

I flew waypoint missions using the Autel and it provided the following files:

I used a Reach RS+ as a base station.

When I try to use Emlid Studio it asks for a navigation file but I can’t find one. Any ideas?


You can download GNSS navigation files here for the time of your mission flight


Thank you for the link. I had a look but how does one make sense of this website?

There are many files for the day of my mission. Any advice is appreciated.

Hi, you should be able to just use your Reach RS+ Base navigation file for processing. It should be one of the navigation files, i.e. .**p file, (Mixed GNSS) or similar.
Emlid Studio Navigation Files

Here is the link to their help documentation on Kinematic Processing.

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Thanks. Just had to find the right file!

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Hi @nuballawalla,

Basically, the navigation data is contained in the 114FTASK_PPKRAW.bin. You can convert it to the .nav format in the RTKCONV.

As @mark1st.john said, you can use the navigation file from the Reach base. It should have the .23P extension.

The nice idea was given by @EBE111057, but you’ll need to know where the nearest IGS station is that sends these navigation files to NASA. You can check them on this map.

It’s worth noting that Autel has a multi-band receiver on board, while your Reach RS+ is a single-band. So you won’t benefit from using the drone’s multi-band receiver: its log will be processed as it’s a single-band one.

You can also post your files here or send them privately to I’ll process them myself and describe my steps here so you can see the whole picture of what files to use.


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