Processig Kinematic

I need to process kinematic data but I have the base obs splitted in 3 files
I tried to load all of them but apparetly Studio use only the first ?
Can you help ?



Hi Francesco,

What version of Emlid Studio do you use? Can you please share your files so that I can check and process them?

Hi Julia
Emlid1.3 (8.2 MB) (1.6 MB) (1.6 MB) (1.7 MB)
I neeed to send another file (32mb) can you share an email address to use wetransfer ?

Thanks! I checked it in Emlid Studio 1.3, and all 3 files from the base were used in calculations. Do you upload them simultaneously? Do you see the note +2 files in the Base section?

I’ve also noticed that the log from your rover has many cycle slips. They occur when the signal was delayed or disrupted. Are there any obstacles on your work site that block the sky view? Or probably some sources of interference?

Sure, you can send them to

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