Process to Localize for staking? (Localization)

What is the process to Localize for staking?

i.e. import set of CAD points that were created without using a coordinate system such as UTM, but more a basic 1000,1000,100 type grid system.

I need to go to the center of site, record a GNSS point there, import CAD file points, localize CAD center point to center of site point, bringing them together.

What CAD software? With Autodesk engines it’s typically a 2-point alignment. Depending on how tight your control is there may be an additional point to point shift to prorate out additional error. You can do a 3-point if you want but in my opinion that’s only necessary if the overall control network is a mess already.


Sorry, I didn’t clarify… just need 1 point GNSS localization in Emlid Flow.

I just need to get my origin 0,0,0 of my points (just plain non UTM 2d cartesian) to match to a GNSS point i measure in the field so i can lay them out.


Oh. Would the base shift help?

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Will check that out.

Hi @timd1971,

I agree with Michael, the Base shift should help. Here’s the guide.


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